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In the course of business processes, addresses are used in letters, forms, and so on. Therefore, one basic requirement of Business Address Services is to provide routines during printing to ensure that addresses are correctly formatted according to postal conventions.

To this end, BAS provide the function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM, which is used by a large number of applications. This function module also controls the print formatting of addresses in BAS standard dialogs.

Addresses are formatted based on valid national and international guidelines:

        ISO 11180

        Contracts of the Universal Postal Union

        International address patterns of the Universal Postal Union

        Regulations of individual countries

        1999 Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code & Address Formats (Marian Nelson, ISSN 1072-3862).

BAS adopt any changes made to these guidelines at the earliest time possible. If new regulations require the formatting routines to be modified, create a notification in SAPNet and add the official regulation as a reference.

Currently, about 20 country-specific formatting routines are available, for example, for the US, Canada, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Australia, and so on.


For information on print formatting, see the composite note 35931 in SAPNet.

For information on adapting forms to ensure that current data is printed in the case of time dependency, see Adapting Forms for Time Dependency.

Modifications to Standard Formatting

Both applications and customers can adjust standard print formatting to meet individual requirements:

         Applications use parameters of the function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM to override the default settings.

         Customers can use parameters in Customizing and a customer exit to create their own formatting routines.





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