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 Creating Promises to Pay

You are in receivables processing, on the Invoices tab page.

  1. Select one or more invoices for which you want to create a promise to pay and choose Promise to Pay with the quick info text Cr eate Promise to Pay.

    The screen area Create Promise to Pay appears under the list of invoices. In the field Promised , the total of the open items is proposed automatically.

    If you select invoices that already have a promise to pay with the system status Open , this is confirmed and the new promise to pay contains a level increased by one.

    If you enter a promise to pay for several invoices, the system automatically creates individual promises to pay for each invoice when you save so that you can process and follow promises to pay at invoice level.

  2. Enter the data required for the promise to pay.

    In the field Reference , you can enter data such as a check number that the customer gave you. You can also enter notes in a text field.

  3. If you have only selected one invoice, or if the amount promised for several invoices agrees with the total open amount, you can save the promise(s) to pay. Otherwise, you have to specify how the amount promised is distributed between the invoices selected.

    1. Choose with the quick inf o text Distribution.

      The screen area Distribute Amount appears.

    2. Assign the amount that was promised to each invoice in the list of invoices for which a promise was submitted. The following automatic distribution functions are available for this distribution:

      • Equally: Each invoice receives a part of the total amount promised, depending on the open amount.

      • According to due date: The invoice with the earliest due date receives a part of the amount promised first. If the total promised amount was not assigned, the invoice with the next due date receives a part and so on.

        If you distribute the amount manually, choose with the quick info text Check Distribution to ensure that the total amount distributed matches the total amount promised. If this is not the case, but you want to retain the amounts you distributed, the system automatically changes the total amount promised to the new total of the amounts you entered.

  4. Save your entries.