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 Posting a Goods Issue in Shipping


If you process the goods issue via a replenishment delivery in Shipping (LE-SHP) , you can then refer to the replenishment delivery or the stock transfer order on goods receipt.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Logistics Execution Next navigation step Outbound Process Next navigation step Goods Issue for Outbound Delivery Next navigation step Outbound Delivery Next navigation step Create Next navigation step Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery Next navigation step Purchase Orders. End of the navigation path

  2. Make the necessary entries on the Purchase Orders tab page .

  3. Choose Execute . A basic list is displayed from which you can select the deliveries to be processed.

Processing in the issuing plant is complete when the goods issue is posted.

For more information, see Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery


A replenishment delivery has the same effects as a goods issue in Inventory Management (see Results of a Goods Issue Posting ).

The quantity is debited from the issuing plant The receiving plant carries the quantity in transit stock at plant level, but not in unrestricted-use stock. A receiving storage location has not yet been specified.

The system automatically creates a purchase order history record in Purchasing for the replenishment delivery and for the subsequent goods issue posting.

For more information, see Working with Replenishment Deliveries