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 Promises to Pay


You can use this function to process the promises to pay of a customer. The tab page Promises to Pay is part of the function Process Receivables .

On the tab page, you can see the list of promises to pay that the customer has given. Here you can see all promises to pay that meet the following criteria:

  • The invoice for which the promise to pay was given is open or still has open residual items. It also appears on the tab page Invoices .

  • The promise to pay does not have the state Kept .

  • The promise to pay is not confirmed.

For more information about creating promises to pay, see Creating Promises to Pay .


You can use the following functions to process the individual promises to pay:

  • Change Promise to Pay

    Whether or not you can change the promise to pay depends on its state:

    State of Promise to Pay

    Modifiable Data

    Open , no incoming payment exists


    Open , incoming payment exists



    State and notes

    Partially kept

    State and notes



  • Withdraw Promise to Pay

    You need this function if the customer withdraws his promise to pay. This confirms the promise to pay. If the promise to pay previously had the state Open , it now receives the state Withdrawn .

    If the customer gives another promise to pay for this invoice, the new promise to pay receives a higher level because one promise to pay has already been withdrawn for this invoice. The promise to pay withdrawn is still displayed.

  • Display Promise to Pay

    You see all attributes of the promise to pay at a glance. You can also display the log of the promise to pay from here. To display the log and notes completely, choose Attributes with the quick info text Shrink Attributes .

    Void Promise to Pay

    To void a promise to pay, from the display call up change mode. You may need this function if you create a promise to pay incorrectly. By voiding the promise to pay, you delete it logically, in other words, it still exists but is no longer considered or displayed in the list of promises to pay.