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 Printing Shop Papers for Several Orders


For this procedure, you can only print out those shop papers for the orders selected which the system administration has marked as a presetting in your system using the Customizing function.


  1. Create an order list. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Plant maintenance Next navigation step Maintenance processing Next navigation step Order Next navigation step List editing Next navigation step Change Next navigation step . End of the navigation path

  2. In the order list created, select the orders for which you want to print shop papers. Keep the CTRL button pressed down for this.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Order Next navigation step Print Next navigation step order End of the navigation path .


  • The system prints the shop papers for the selected objects according to the specifications in your system.

Note Note

If no shop papers appear at the appropriate device, then check whether:

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  • Shop papers have been indicated as a presetting in Customizing

  • Your print request is in the spool

  • The settings for the control key allow printing

  • The print diversion is active

  • The selected objects obtain the status Printed .

Note Note

Operation Status

An operation obtains the status Printed from the system as soon as a shop paper, for which the indicator Operation status has been set in Customizing, is printed for it.

If the indicator Operation status has not been set in Customizing for any of the shop papers, the system can never give the operations the status Printed .

Order Status

An order only has the status Partly printed if its operations already had the status Printed when a new operation was added.

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