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 Portal Role: HR Administrator

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The HR administrator performs all tasks that relate to the administration of employees. The main tasks include supporting, administering, and advising all employees in the relevant departments. The task domain typically includes:

  • Administering/editing personnel master data (such as new employees, salary changes, transfers, employees leaving the company, and so on)

  • Administering personnel appraisals

  • Editing organizational data

  • Performing year-end activities

  • Providing statements and information

  • Creating various reports required at different times

  • Advising all employees, pensioners, and management

  • Miscellaneous personnel administration activities such as anniversaries and birthdays, helping to organize elections to the works council or to the position of spokesperson, assisting in the mass creation of statements, and so on.

The HR administrator is responsible for ensuring that the above tasks are completed correctly and on time, as well as for advising and supporting all employees and pensioners.

The HR administrator has close personal contact with all employees and management within the locations assigned to him or her. The HR adminstrator also has external communication tasks, such as maintaining contact with health insurance providers, tax offices, authorities, and pension providers.


  • For the Business Package for HR Administrator (mySAP ERP) , users require the HR Administrator role and the ERP Common role. For more information, see Assigning Portal Roles to Users .

  • For information about the mySAP ERP business processes in which the HR Administrator role is integrated, see SAP Note 824757.