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All addresses are stored in tables of Business Address Services. To be able to access addresses later on, the application stores only the key of an address in its application table.


Some applications that used to store address data in their own tables in previous releases still do so and keep the address data redundantly in their own tables.

The application program never accesses the BAS tables directly, but uses function modules to access addresses. Using the table entries, however, you can verify if the address data has been updated correctly. The address data is stored in three tables:

Tables of Business Address Services for address data



Address data

of address type 1

of address type 2

of address type 3


Address table

Company name and postal address

Postal address

Company address for person


Person table


Personal data (such as last name and first name)

Personal data (such as last name and first name)


Assignment of persons to addresses



Workplace data

An address number in table ADRC or a person number in table ADRP is unique. However, both a person number and an address number can occur more than once in table ADCP . A person number occurs more than once if a person has multiple addresses, and an address number occurs more than once if a company address is referenced by multiple persons.


The numbers are only unique in one client of a system. For more information, see the section Uniqueness of Address Numbers in Transports Prior to Release 4.6.

Assignment of Persons to Addresses

When you create personal or workplace addresses, BAS store the personal data and the address data separately. Using an entry in table ADCP , BAS assign the address data to the person: