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 Other/Previous Employers (Infotype 0023)

In the Other/Previous Employers infotype (0023), you can store information on other work contracts of an employee or applicant.

You can specify where an employee (in a sideline job) works, or worked prior to starting work with your company.

You can specify where an applicant is currently working or used to work.

If you want to enter more than one of an employee’s or applicant’s employers, you have to create many data records within this infotype, each with their respective validity period.

You have to specify the employer’s name and the country it is based in for each employer. You can also store the following details:

  • City in which the company is based

  • Industry in which the company is active

  • Job that the employee or applicant carried out or carries out

  • Work contract with other employer

    Note Note

    The standard SAP System does not use the Other/Previous Employer infotype (0023) in reporting. If you need to, you can use the infotype for your own evaluations or in an ABAP query.

    End of the note.