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 Trip Data Entry (Travel Expenses)


You need trip data entry to enter and change the data of an employee trip in the SAP system. It is the basis of the overall process of Travel Management .


You cannot create an employee trip using trip data entry until you have completed HR master data editing for the employee.

Process Flow

The process of trip data entry is flexibly structured to be able to deal with the wide variety of trips and trip data correctly and efficiently. The process is determined by the trip entry scenario and the trip schema and is made up of many different entry functions, each of which can be used to enter specific trip data.

You start the process by choosing the functions Create Employee Trip or Change Employee Trip . You end the process by saving the employee trip in the database. As the overall Travel Management process shows, you can enter trip data at various points. This means that the process is usually started several times. If you want to enter trip data for a business trip for which no employee trip has yet been created in the database, you need to create an employee trip. If you want to enter trip data for a business trip for which an employee trip has been created in the database, you need to change the employee trip.

Detailed Process Flow:

Trip data entry with Create Employee Trip function

Trip data entry with Change Employee Trip function

Choose the Create Trip function.

Choose the relevant trip entry scenario.

Specify the personnel number and choose a trip schema.

Choose the relevant employee trip.

Enter the necessary trip data.

Add new trip data by choosing the entry function you need.

You save the employee trip.

You save the employee trip.


The employee trip has been saved in the database with the new trip data. Once you have entered all trip data, the employee trip usually has to be approved for Travel Expenses. You can start approval using either SAP Business Workflow or the approval tool.