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Country Key (T005-LAND1)

Values that are used to check entries are defined in the country key.


Length of postal code or bank account number.

The two-character ISO code proposed by SAP is normally used as the country key.


Since the definition can vary depending on the customer installation, it is not possible to use the country key for programming in SAP standard programs. If a specific country is to be queried in the program, the ISO code T005-INTCA should be queried instead.


Customers are advised to maintain the ISO code field and, if possible, also the vehicle country key for each country because these fields are queried by programs.

The country keys are defined in the global settings during system implementation. The parameters listed below are dependent on the country key.

Length of postal code (T005-LNPLZ)

The maximum permitted length of a postal code is defined here for the country key.

Rule for the postal code check (T005-PRPLZ)

This key defines how the check of the Postal code field is to be carried out.

Predefined checks are triggered for values from 1 to 8. The numeric entry, length of the entry, and gaps in the entry are checked. The following variations are possible:




Maximum value length, without gaps


Maximum value length, numerical, without gaps


Length to be kept to exactly, without gaps


Length to be kept to exactly, numerical, without gaps


Maximum value length


Maximum value length, numerical


Length to be kept to exactly


Length to be kept to exactly, numerical


These checks of the content of the Postal code field are only carried out if the field is not empty.

A country-specific special check is activated by the key 9. The entry is checked against a template defined in the program. Templates are currently defined for Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and Portugal (A = letter, N = number):



The Netherlands




Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic


South Korea






USA: It is checked, independently of check rule '9', whether the postal code number of an address in the USA has the format NNNNN or NNNNN-NNNN (ZIP + 4).

Using the check rule, you can determine whether the length is to be kept to exactly or whether it is a maximum length, for example. You can also determine whether numeric characters only are permitted or whether alphanumeric characters can also be used, for example.

Indicator Postal code: Required entry for street address (T005-XPLZS)

If this indicator is activated, the postal code has to be entered when a street address is maintained. The check only takes effect when at least one of the following fields is filled:

It is not possible to make the Postal code field into a (undefined) required field by setting this indicator.

Indicator P.O. Box postal code: Required entry (T005-XPLPF)

If this indicator is activated, the postal code of the P.O. Box has to be specified when a P.O. Box address is maintained (that is, either the P.O. Box was entered or the "P.O. Box without number" indicator was set).

As soon as the country of the address is specified, the country-dependent check rules are determined and the following checks are carried out:


Another city (P.O. Box city) can only be specified if the P.O. Box address is specified or if the company postal code is entered.

If one of these checks returns an error, the address is not accepted in this form and cannot be saved.


The function module POSTAL_CODE_CHECK is used in some applications. This function module covers part of the checks mentioned above. It was also used in the customer master and the vendor master up to Release 4.0.

The function module ADDR_POSTAL_CODE_CHECK carries out more checks because it considers a larger number of fields due to the more extensive BAS data structure.