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 Description of the Operations


In each operation and sub-operation, you write a textual description of the individual work step to be performed.

Key Features

You can describe operations on the overview screen or on one of the detail screens. The header data screen contains an operation template for orders that contain only a single operation.

The following types of text are available for description purposes:

  • Short Text

Each operation contains a line of short text. This is the first line of text of the operation description, which can be extended using the long text. In many cases, this line of short text is sufficient to describe the work to be performed.

The short text for each operation is ready for input:

  • In the operation overview

  • On the detail screen for internal or external processing

  • Long text

    In some cases it might be necessary to explain complicated or safety-relevant operations in more detail. You can use the long text editor for this.

  • Standard text

    Certain operations and sub-operations will occur repeatedly in the same form in orders. It is therefore advisable to use a standard text for them. The use of these standard texts helps you to reduce recording time.

    Note Note

    Standard texts are created for your system by your system administration using the Customizing function.

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    For more information, see Describing an Operation.