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Process documentationeDocument Processing Using AIF Solution


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This eDocument solution is only available for Italy.

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The eDocument AIF solution allows you to create eDocuments based on source documents previously created in other SAP applications, such as Financial Accounting (FI) or Sales and Distribution (SD). The system uses the SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) to map the transactional data to the required XML format.

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This solution requires the implementation of a customer-specific solution to establish communication with and to send XML files to external systems.

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For more information, see eDocument for Italy.


The processing of the eDocument when using the eDocument AIF solution is depicted in the following figure:

  1. You create the source document using an SAP application, such as FI or SD. Once you save the source document, the system creates an instance of the eDocument in the database.

  2. You submit the eDocument by running the Create and Submit eDocuments report ( EDOC_COCKPIT transaction).

    For more information, see the application help documentation directly in the report.

  3. The system retrieves the eDocument from the database and calls the interface connector to deploy the eDocument Interface Connector (EDOC_INTERFACE_CONNECTOR) BAdI. This BAdI calls the AIF_XML interface type that enables the system to connect to AIF.

  4. AIF maps the transactional data into the required XML format and saves the XML files in the database for further processing.

  5. You implement your own customer-specific solution to establish communication for transferring the XML files to the external systems.

  6. You can also implement your own process to update the eDocuments in the SAP database with data coming from the tax authority or business partners.

More Information

For more information about AIF, see the application help at published on SAP site under Start of the navigation path Technology Platform Next navigation step SAP Application Interface Framework 3.0 Next navigation step Application Help (English) End of the navigation path.