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 Setting an Order to “In Process”


If you want to save and release an order simultaneously and print its shop papers, you can use the function Putting in process.


  1. From the Maintenance Processing screen, select the order you want to put in process with Start of the navigation path Orders Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path.

  2. From the header data screen or the operation overview, choose Start of the navigation path Order Next navigation step Functions Next navigation step Put in process End of the navigation path.

  3. A dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter whether you want to print shop papers for the order as well as releasing it. You have the option of displaying a special dialog box for the printout, in which you can check and, if necessary, change the print specifications set in the system.

  5. Choose Continue.

Depending on the entries you made in the dialog box, the system continues in one of the ways described below:

  • A dialog box for printing shop papers appears, from where you proceed as described in Printing Shop Papers.

  • The system informs you that the order has been released, saved, and its shop papers printed, if required.

Note Note

You can define the process flow of a function for an individual user. For more information, see Use of Default Values for the Order.

End of the note.