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 Entering Notification Data Valid for the Order


You have activated the integration in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Define Notification- and Order Integration .

You call up the confirmation using either the order number and operation number, or just the confirmation number.

If the integration is only relevant to maintenance plan notifications, all activities refer to the operation notification if one exists, if not, to the header notification.

If the integration is relevant for all notifications or if the manual maintenance of assignments is allowed, then the activities always refer to the operation notification.

You can find additional information under: Operations Notification or Header Notification?


  1. Execute one of the following options:

  1. Call up the overall completion confirmation , enter an order number and an operation number , or a confirmation number in the header data area, and choose Continue .

  2. Call up the detail screen for the individual time confirmation for the required operation .

  1. Choose Notification . Now the following cases can arise:

  • A notification ( operation notification ) has already been assigned to the operation.

The header data screen for this operation notification appears.

  • No notification has yet been assigned to the operation:

After you have chosen Continue , you reach the header data screen for a new notification, which the system automatically assigns to the order operation, when you save the confirmation. An operation notification is created.

  1. Enter the required data and choose Goto -> Back .

You now access the entry screen for the overall completion information, or the detail data screen for the individual confirmation.

Caution Caution

Before you save , note the following:

The overall completion confirmation saves all the data, which has been displayed in one step on the entry screen or the accompanying dialog boxes. It also saves proposal data.

If you do not want to save certain confirmation or proposal data, you must delete these lines from the tables before saving.

End of the caution.
  1. Save your entries.