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This function enables you to map Web-based recruitment processes. The system supports you in the following activities in particular:

  • You store requisitions for jobs to be filled. In the requisitions, you store a job description and the requirements to be met by potential candidates for the job.

  • You store processes for recruitment.

  • You specify the support team who collectively search for suitable candidates.

  • You publish job postings for the requisition in internal and external posting channels.

  • You create a talent pool with potential candidates, both internal and external. You structure the pool according to your requirements.

  • You determine potential candidates to fill a job.

  • You maintain contact with candidates of interest for future vacancies.

  • You evaluate your recruitment processes.

Implementation Considerations

You can run Recruitment and Succession Planning fully integrated on one machine, on the basis of SAP ECC 6.0. When you do so, the SAP Business Partner concept enables you to make HR master data and organizational data available to other applications.

You can also run Recruitment and Succession Planning on one machine, and SAP ECC 6.0 on a separate instance. In this case, ALE distribution enables you to make your enterprise structure available in SAP E-Recruiting : For each employee, the system automatically creates an employee in SAP E-Recruiting in the form of the SAP Business Partner .


The solution is part of the SAP E-Recruiting component and uses some of the same objects, infotypes, and roles as Succession Planning .

The objects are kept separate from one another by means of technical settings, so that both processes can be mapped independent of one another.