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 Mass Cancellation


You can use this function to cancel several confirmations simultaneously without having to display the individual confirmations one after another.


The mass cancellation is integrated into the confirmation list.


To get an overview in the confirmation list of the confirmations that can be cancelled and to get the corresponding cancellations, show the following fields:

Document was cancelled

Confirmation counter of the cancelled confirmation

Confirmation text in which the cancellation text is after the cancellation

When you start the mass cancellation, the system opens up a dialog box in which you must enter a text for the cancellation. If you do not enter any text, the system terminates the cancellation.

You can use the message control to override this termination. To do this, you must make the desired setting in the implementation guide (IMG) of Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Maintenance and Service ProcessingMaintenance and Service OrdersMessage Control for the message IW 016.

If either the order to which the confirmation belongs or the confirmation to be cancelled is locked by another user, you cannot cancel the confirmation.

If you select confirmations of which some have already been cancelled, the system cancels the confirmations that can still be cancelled.


Depending on the application component in which you are working, choose one of the following menu paths:

LogisticsCustomer ServiceService Processing →Completion Confirmation Display Confirmation List

LogisticsPlant MaintenanceMaintenance ProcessingCompletion Confirmation Display Confirmation List

Generate a confirmation list, select the confirmations that you want to cancel, and choose ConfirmationMass Cancellation.

Enter a text for cancellation and choose Continue

The system cancels the individual confirmations and generates a cancellation document for each confirmation.This confirmation document includes the counter of the confirmation as the confirmation counter of the cancelled confirmation.