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 Confirming Promises to Pay


You use this function to confirm all promises to pay whose invoices have already been cleared in a mass change.

Caution Caution

Note that this confirmation means that a reversal or resetting of the clearing no longer changes the promise to pay.

End of the caution.


In the system that contains the promise to pay, in Customizing for Financial Supply Chain Management, under Start of the navigation path Collections Management Next navigation step BasicData Next navigation step Process Integration Next navigation step DefineAutomatic Status Changes,you have assigned a status for the automatic confirmation. End of the navigation path


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Financial Supply Chain Management Next navigation step Collections Management Next navigation step Periodic Processing Next navigation step Confirmation ofPromise to Pay End of the navigation path (with effect from mySAP ERP 2004) or call transaction FDM_P2P_CONFIRM. You can also schedule program FDM_P2P_AUTO_CONFIRM as a background job.

  2. Define the customers and company code for which the automatic confirmation is to be carried out. Use the parameter Invoices Cleared Since to define the latest date that should be observed after the clearing of the invoice before the promise to pay can be confirmed.