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 Entering Partner Data


You can enter the partner and their functions for the order, for example, vendors, customers or contact persons that are important for this order.


You must have defined a partner determination procedure in your system using the Customizing functions.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Plant maintenance Next navigation step Maintenance processing Next navigation step Order Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path .

  2. Choose the Partner tab page.

  3. The partner overview for the order appears. If partner data already exists for this order (for example, because a partner is assigned to the equipment specified), the function, description, number and name of the partner are displayed.

  4. Check the partner information already entered if necessary.

  5. To see additional data for one of the partners displayed, select the partner and choose Partner details or Display partner address .

  6. To change the partner data, you have the following options:

  • Enter additional partner data.

  • To delete a partner from the order, choose Remove assignment for partner .

  • To add or change the address of a partner, choose Change partner address .

A dialog box appears in which data from the master record is proposed. The data can be overwritten; the changes are not copied into the master record. The partner address entered only applies for this order. Choose Copy .

  • To delete an address, choose Delete partner address .

If you delete the partner itself, the partner address is also deleted.

If you enter a one-time customer as a partner, the address is automatically requested. You can only delete the address of a one-time customer if you also delete the accompanying partner function.

  1. Save the order.