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You can define user, group, and role data in standard format. Each data field appears on a separate line in name=value form. User records are separated by the [User] tag. Group records are separated by the [Group] tag. Role records are separated by the [Role] tag. These tags must appear on the first line of each record.


You cannot mix user, group, and role records in the same import runs.

You can omit optional attributes or assign no value (for example, by specifying Country=). The equal sign (‘=’) must always appear after an attribute name, even if the attribute is not assigned any value.

If the program encounters an invalid line, the corresponding user or group is not created, an error message occurs for this entry, and the batch process continues. All valid user and group records are processed and the corresponding objects created. Invalid records can be corrected and uploaded separately.

All attribute names (but not attribute values) are case insensitive.

For a description of the possible name-value pairs that can be included in user, group, and role records, see:




The UME import function supports Unicode Transformation Format-8 (UTF-8) encoding.

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