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 Transfer of External CO Actual Transaction Data to the SAP System


The tool can be used to transfer CO actual transaction data (externally entered) to the SAP system. This means that large amounts of data are transferred periodically from external systems.


The Business Add-in EXT_CO_ACTUAL_DATA must be implemented. If this is not the case, data is not transferred.

The implementation guide (IMG) contains a sample for the implementation of the customer exit (EXT_CO_DATA_EXAMPLE) under Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Actual Postings -> Data Transfer from External Systems. If there are no different requirements for the source data format, you can use this sample implementation.


It is possible to transfer transaction data for the following business transactions:

A data transfer is registered in the SAP system with a unique identification (ID). The ID is used to identify the data transfer for further processing (postprocessing or reversal of data transfers or to display the log).

The transaction data must be transferred to the SAP system using a defined interface. To do this, you are provided with the Business Add-in EXT_CO_ACTUAL_DATA. The import and transfer of the data to the interface is the responsibility of the customer. This enables a flexible format for the source data. The data transferred from the external system is saved, if necessary, in temporary tables in the SAP system until it can be posted or deleted. This ensures that the data is consistently processed, should postprocessing of the transferred data be necessary.


You can use the following transactions: