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Statements for Data Clusters Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To store and read data clusters, ABAP offers the following statements:

        EXPORT parameter list TO medium

        IMPORT parameter list FROM medium

The data cluster is defined with help of a parameter list parameter list, (see keyword documentation), and specifies the Storage Medium in medium.

You can write a directory of the data objects of a data cluster to an internal table using the statement IMPORT DIRECTORY.. The data cluster was stored in a database table using EXPORT.

To delete data clusters, you can use the following statements:

        FREE MEMORY deletes all data cluster from the ABAP memory

        DELETE FROM ... ID id deletes a data cluster with the identification id, which was stored in the ABAP memory of a database table, or in an application buffer of an application server.

For further details about these statements and additions, see the keyword documentation.


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