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The built-in length functions STRLEN and XSTRLENdetermine the length of a character string up to the next character that is not a space.

[COMPUTE] n = STRLEN( c ).

STRLENprocesses any operand c as a character data type, regardless of its real type. There is no type conversion.

As with mathematical functions, the keyword COMPUTE is optional.

For more information, refer to the keyword documentation.


DATA: int TYPE i,
      word1(20) TYPE c VALUE '12345'.

      word2(20) TYPE c.
      word3(20) TYPE c VALUE '   4         '.

int = strlen( word1 ).WRITE   int.

int = strlen( word2 ).WRITE / int.

int = strlen( word3 ).WRITE / int.

The results are 5, 0, and 4respectively.


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