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Opening Programs in the Object Navigator Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To open ABAP programs in the Object Navigator, select the menu path Tools ABAP Workbench Overview Object Navigator from the SAP menu of Structure linkSAP Easy Access (or start Transaction SE80).

From the initial screen of the Object Navigator you can select Program from the top left part of the screen and enter the name of a program directly or display several programs of a specific Package.

Opening a Specific Program

Enter a program name and confirm your entry with Enter.

If the program does not exist, the system displays a dialog box for creating programs. If the program does exist the objects are displayed in a tree structure on the left of the screen which allows you to navigate to the corresponding tools.

Creating a New Program


       1.      The dialog box Create Program appears, which allows you to create a TOP INCL(top include program). A Top include is a special include program in which you write your global data declarations. When you create a module pool, begin the name with ‘SAPM’. This allows the system to propose a default name for the Top include that is automatically included in the ABAP Workbench navigation functions.

       2.      The ABAP: Program Attributes screen appears, on which you must maintain the program attributes. Maintaining the program attributes is an important procedure when creating a program. Enter the program attributes.

       3.      Save the program attributes.

The program is now available in the Repository and you can enter the source text in the ABAP Editor.

Opening Programs of a Package

Enter the name of an existing package and confirm your entry with Enter. The Object Navigator displays a hierarchical overview of all Repository objects for the selected package.

You now have several possibilities:

        If the node Programs does not appear on this screen, you can create the node by selecting the node Package and creating a program.

To do this, select the tab Program from the displayed dialog box (Object Selection). Enter a name and choose Create.

The Create Program dialog box appears. From here, carry on as described in Creating a New Program above.

        If the Programs node already exists on the screen, you can position the cursor on it and choose Create (from the context menu) to create a new program.

        In this case, you can also expand the node to display all of the programs belonging to the package.

Position the cursor on a program name and double-click or choose Display or Change (context menu). This opens the ABAP Editor for the program.

The Object Navigator displays the program as a tree structure with the program as its root node and the individual program components (object types) as subnodes. Note that selecting other components of the program does not open the ABAP Editor to display the source code of the program, but always the appropriate tool for the selected component. In special cases, such as for include programs, this can also be the ABAP Editor. However, you then edit only the component and not the source code of the entire program.



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