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The conventions for syntax statements in this documentation are as follows:




ABAP keywords and their additions are displayed in uppercase.


Operands of statements are displayed in lowercase.


Square brackets indicate that you can use none, one, or more of the enclosed options. Do not include the brackets in your option.


A vertical line between two parts of a statement indicates that only one of these two parts can be used within the statement.


Any parentheses must be entered as part of the statement.


A comma indicates that you may choose as many of the options shown as you like, separating your choices with commas. The commas are part of the syntax.

f1 f2

Variables with indices indicate that you can list as many variables as you want. They must be separated with the same symbol as the first two.


Periods mean that you can put anything here that is allowed in the context.


Keywords are specified in uppercase in syntax statements. You can disregard case when you type keywords in your program. WRITE is the same as Write or write.

Screen output is either shown as a screen shot or in the following format:

Screen output




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