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Sending correspondence by e-mail


If you do not use the external data processing via RDI/XSF for the send type EMAIL, the printer and spool control of the system does not execute the output; instead, the system creates an e-mail object from individual form components and forwards this directly to the SAPconnect interfaces. You define the individual parts for an e-mail in a composition. These are usually a text and one or more attached documents. You can use a composition to group and bundle application forms. If different application forms are not called up within one composition, the logical connection in the e-mail is not created.
You can use the indicator Attachment to control (for send type EMAIL) whether a document is attached as PDF file to an e-mail, or whether it is converted into text and inserted in the header area of the e-mail.

Note Using user exits you can attach Business Communication Service documents to an e-mail. The BCS documents must be attached in a composition to the global table G_TAB_BCS_ATTACHMENTS. As line time, the table has the class CL_DOCUMENT_BCS. This means that you have to create and attach instances of this class in a user exit.


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