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Procedure documentation Configuring the User Assignment of the Transport Workflow Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


All tasks that need to be executed by the developer (such as revising a transport proposal) are sent back to the user who made the proposal. Administrator tasks (such as approving a transport proposal), however, are sent to an anonymous group of users. You need to define which users can operate as transport administrators who are allowed to approve transport proposals.

In the simplest case, all users who have the authorization to access the TMS Worklist can process administrator tasks. This is known as automatic user assignment.

The amount of tasks to be processed by the administrators can, under certain circumstances, become so big that it can no longer be organized clearly in the TMS worklist. You may want to set up special areas (responsibilities) that can only be processed by a certain group of administrators. These administrators cannot access the areas of other administrators. This is known as user assignment using responsibilities. Use this method to distribute the administrator tasks among the transport administrators.


You have configured the transport workflow or are currently configuring it.


To configure the user assignment for the transport workflow, proceed as follows:

  1. Log on to the SAP System that is configured as the transport domain controller in your local domain.
  2. Call Transaction STMS and then choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to display the system overview.
  3. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to display the transport domain.
  4. Choose the tab Workflow Engine.
  5. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to switch to change mode.
  6. Choose either Automatic or Responsibility under User assignment.


If you choose automatic user assignment, you do not need to make any more settings. If you have chosen to assign users using responsibilities, you must now choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to define responsibilities, so that you can use the transport workflow.


You have defined the user assignment for your transport workflow. Depending on which option you have chosen, the transport administrators can either see all transport proposals, or only those in their area.


If you change the user assignment while the transport workflow is running, any workflows that have already been started will be completed under the old assignment. This means that you might still find tasks in your TMS worklist that you would not expect to see under the new assignment.




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