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A test print enables you to output a form during form development, form maintenance, or during the analysis of errors during data procurement (form class) without the related application process. You can set and vary the print data and the print parameters. Use the test print if you want to test the form without integrating it in the print process.


How the test print is initiated depends on the form class of the application form. Either the user determines an initial object via the FIND method of the BOR object type assigned, or an individual dialog takes place to select an initial object.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying textFor some form classes you cannot carry out a test print. If a test print is not possible, the application of the form class must provide an alternative.


The form class of the application form must support test prints. You can only print active application forms for test purposes.


You are in the processing or display of an active application form.


       1.      Choose Application Form Test Print Execute.
In a selection dialog of the application, choose the initial object for the test print. Choose Continue.

       2.      Specify the send type, the printer, and the output format for the test print and choose Continue.

       3.      In the subsequent dialog box, specify the additional print parameters and then choose either Print or Print Preview, depending on whether you want to output the result of the test print on the printer or only display it on the screen.

If you repeat the test print, the specifications that you are made are used again. If you want to enter new parameters for the test print, choose Application Form Test Print New Object.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text If you use an application form of the type Smart Form, SAP recommends that you process the application form and the Smart Form in two separate sessions and carry out changes to the Smart Form and start the test print from the application form simultaneously. You can process the Smart Form in a new session from the processing of the application form via Goto Smart Form Display in New Session.


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