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Authorization object that is used to check whether a user is authorized to start the different HR transactions. The transaction code is checked.


The P_TCODE authorization object is not used in all HR transactions. We distinguish between:

In transactions of this type, these natural authorization objects (HR: Master Data, HR: Applicants, and HR: Statements) are used for the check. When a user starts a transaction, the system uses the same object to check minimum authorizations. For example, a user must have at least a read authorization to be able to edit employee data, that is R in the Authorization Level field of the HR: Master Data object.

In transactions of this type, differentiated authorization checks do not take place: The system only checks whether or not the user is authorized to start the transaction. These HR transactions are protected by the HR: Transaction Codes check object. You can find a list of these transactions as follows:

    1. Choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench ® Development ® Other Tools ® Transactions.
    2. Then choose Utilities ® Find and finally Edit ® All Selections.
    3. Enter P* as the transaction code in the Transaction field.
    4. Enter the authorization object P_TCODE in the Test Object field.
    5. Choose Program ® Execute.


The P_TCODE authorization object contains the following field, which is tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text


Transaction Code


You can also use authorizations for the S_TCODE authorization object (Check Transaction Code at Start of Transaction) to protect the HR transactions. In this context, note that the P_TCODE authorization object was implemented before the S_TCODE authorization object. The P_TCODE authorization object was maintained as an additional protection measure given the increased need for the protection of person-related data.



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