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In some cases you can see when you define a domain that all the table fields or structure components referring to this domain should be checked against a certain table. This information can be stored in the domain by entering a value table.

The system proposes the value table as check table when you try to define a Structure link foreign key for the field or component. This proposal can be overridden.


Domain S_CARR_ID (data type CHAR, length 3) in the Structure link flight model describes the three-place code of the airlines. All the airlines are listed together with their codes in table SCARR. It is generally advisable to check fields referring to domain S_CARR_ID against table SCARR. SCARR is therefore entered as value table for domain S_CARR_ID. If you want to define a foreign key for a field referring to S_CARR_ID, SCARR is proposed as the check table.

A check is not implemented by simply entering a value table! The check against the value table only takes effect when a foreign key has been defined.

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