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The status of an application form is defined by different system conditions and different statuses of the application form objects involved. It shows whether the generated print program is up to date with regard to the application form and the relevant subobjects. You can only print print programs with status Active.


The following (sub)objects determine the status of an application form:

        Application form (attribute, hierarchy, form levels)

        Form class (hierarchy, attribute, form levels, form class library)

        User includes (user top include, user exit include)

        Status of form elements (Smart Form, PDF-based form, or form interface)

When the module is generated, the current version information of this subobject is written into a local table and then used for determining the status. If one of the above-mentioned subobjects is changed, the status is set to Inactive. If no module has been generated from an application form, the form has the status New.


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