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The following documentation describes the runtime analysis application in the ABAP Workbench. The runtime analysis provides an overview of the duration of your source code, from individual statements up to complete transactions.


Choose Menu  ®Test  ®Runtime Analysis or transaction SE30 to start the runtime analysis. On the initial screen, you will find the four main functions of this tool. They can be activated through the appropriate pushbutton:.

·         Measurement in dialog status

·         Measurement of external session

·         Planning a measurement

·         Selection of measurement restrictions

·         Analyzing measurement results

For large applications it is recommended that you first analyze the entire application and hit list.

With the following information you can carry out the analysis, display and interpret the results, and use this as a basis for optimizing your programs.



Overview of Functions

Architecture and Navigation

Starting the Tool: Initial Screen

Measurable Components

Time Recording

Performance Data Measurement

Creating Performance Data Files

Analyzing Performance Data Files

Measurement Results

Measurement Overview

Statement Hit List

Table Hit List

Group Hit List

Call Hierarchy


Measuring External Processes

Switching the Process On

Switching the Process Off

Planning Measurements

Planning and Deleting Measurements

Notes on Planning Measurements

Measurement Restrictions

Programs and Program Extracts


File Size and Time Limit


Other Functions

Display Filter

Managing Performance Files

Saving Performance Files Locally

Tips und Tricks

Measuring Selected Source Code Extracts



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