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The background processing system makes a distinction between external commands for normal users and external programs for system administrators. You can see this distinction when scheduling a job from Transaction SM36, with separate fields for external commands and external programs.

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External commands

External commands are predefined commands for end users. They are operating-system independent and are protected by authorizations, so that normal end users can schedule only those commands that the system administrator permits them to.

With an external command, an ordinary end user—any user without background processing administrator authorization—may run a host system command or program that has been pre-defined by the administrator in the SAP System. The user who schedules the external command must have the authorization required for the external command.

External commands let you control what your users do outside the SAP System. End users can run only the commands and arguments that you specify in external command definitions. And you can control access to external commands with SAP authorizations.

For additional security, external command definitions are operating-system specific. For example, you can define variants of a command for UNIX and Windows NT hosts. A user who schedules an external command must specify the type of operating system in which the command is to run. The system then automatically selects the correct operating system variant or issues an error if the required variant has not been defined.

External programs

External programs are unrestricted commands that are neither pre-defined or restricted by authorizations. A user with administrator authorization can enter any of these in a job step.

With an external program, a system administrator can enter any desired host operating system command or program in a job step. No SAP authorizations test is carried out before executing the command.

External programs give an administrator—a user with the background processing administration authorization (authorization object S_BTCH_ADM Batch processing: Batch Administrator)—the flexibility to run any required host system command without any administrative preparation in the SAP System.

The purpose of this distinction is to let system administrators execute any required external program while restricting normal users to authorizations-tested external commands.

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