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The complete set of print parameters specified for each print run is the basis for the complete run. However, under certain conditions, you may have to specify or default the print parameters individually. For this purpose, the Print Workbench provides various methods that you can use to modify the print parameters. 


You can use the following methods to default and modify the print parameters:

        User-specific default of certain parameters using SET/GET parameter IDs for the print parameter dialog.

Using user-specific SET/GET parameters, you can define certain print parameters as default, such as printer or RDI indicator. For more information, see SAP note 131277.

        Use of send controls

You can use send control to set certain print parameters, such as printer and send type. However, you can only use this method if the send control is integrated in the Customizing or master data of the application you are using. This is the only way that the required send control is used at the correct time. As standard, the send control is not defaulted in the print parameters.

        Use of customer enhancement EFG_PRINTPARAMS

You use this customer enhancement to default print parameters by means of ABAP. The enhancement contains three events or methods:


        Print parameter dialog default

        Print parameter dialog subsequent entry

        In the print run

For details about using the individual events or methods, see the documentation for the customer enhancement EFG_PRINTPARAMS.

        Use of static exits in the application form

The generated print program of the application forms contains static user exits that you can use to specify the print parameters that are only relevant for Smart Forms or PDF-based forms.


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