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The status of a form class indicates the completeness, correctness, and usability of a form class with regard to use in application forms. The following objects and object statuses are considered and checked:

        The relevant form class library exists and is syntactically correct with regard to ABAP.

        For all form levels or 1:1 levels of the form class, the obligatory READ and GET/FILL subroutines exist in the form class library.

        The DDIC structures assigned to a form level or 1:1 level are active.

        If the Smart Form/PDF indicator is set in the form class, the system also checks whether all generated DDIC types specified in the form levels exist and have the structure derived from the form class.

The possible statuses are:




In the message log, you can see the details of the status for the form class check.


The status of a form class is relevant for:

        Processing and activating application forms for a form class

        Transporting form classes

The actions are terminated if the form class does not have the status Active.


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