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Procedure documentation Creating Form Classes Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You create a form class if you want to create standardized correspondence for an application or a process.



       1.      In the menu choose Print Workbench Form Class Process (EFCS). Specify a name for the new form class and choose Form Class Create.

       2.      In the following dialog box, specify the name of the new form class library (ABAP program) and a short text. If you also want to define the form class for using Smart Forms or PDF-based forms (recommended) set the indicator Smart Forms/PDF. You can output the remaining fields later if required.

       3.      Choose Continue.

       4.      In the subsequent dialog box, choose a package for the form class. If you initially do not want to transport the form class, you can also select the package $TMP (= local object) and reassign the form class later if necessary. If you want to use a transportable package, enter a transport request in the dialog box.


The form class has been created. However, it does not have any form levels or a form class library. You now have to create form levels, 1:1 levels, and the related subprograms together with the form class library.


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