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Procedure documentation Inserting Variables in Texts (SAPscript Only) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In addition to standardized formulations and headings, the text module of a form contains data from the business process that triggered the printing of a correspondence. In this case, for example, you have to integrate the data delivered by SAP in the text.


The SAPscript form for the application form is active. You have inserted one or more text nodes in the hierarchy of the application form.



       1.      Process the required SAPscript text.

       2.      Place the cursor on the point where you want to insert the symbols.

       3.      Choose Integrate Symbols Program Symbols.
A list of all fields relevant for the text node appears. The fields are displayed as symbols – they have a restricting & at the beginning and end.

       4.      The fields include:

        Fields of all global data areas (WA_*)

        Fields of the control variable C

        Variables defined in the user top include

       5.      Choose one or more fields from the list.

       6.      Choose Continue.


The selected symbols are inserted in the cursor position.


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