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Function documentation Using the Print Workbench with Correspondence (CA-GTF-COR) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If you do not want to print correspondence immediately, you can create requests for print transactions to carry out the print in a central run (for example, as parallel background job). The correspondence tool carries out this function. The correspondence tool is optimized for the standard sending of mass correspondence and provides the Print Workbench with a standard print process with numerous application and customer exits.


The correspondence tool is not integrated in the Print Workbench, it is only used by the Print Workbench. Most applications that use the Print Workbench use the correspondence tool before the print modules of the Print Workbench are called, to carry out collective and parallel printing and to standardize the print process.


You can only use the correspondence tool if the application/component has implemented a corresponding connection to the correspondence tool.


If the application supports the creation of print requests for correspondence, the Print Workbench offers the options Print Immediately and the option of creating print requests. When you create print requests, the system creates a request for the correspondence type concerned in the form of a correspondence container. These correspondence containers can then be processed and marked as printed in special print runs. For each correspondence container the Print Workbench is called up once.
The correspondence tool provides the application and customer with various events for determining the following objects:




        Send control

        Application form

        Address type

        Archiving ID

For more information about correspondence, see the documentation for Structure linkCorrespondence


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