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The Self-Services Homepage enables you to create overview pages, which allow your employees to access the self-service applications (services) with greater ease. The overview pages are displayed in the portal. These pages group and describe the individual services and contain hyperlinks with which your employees can start the services.

The Self-Services Homepage recognizes two types of overview pages:

Area group pages

Area group pages are often referred to as homepages.

Area pages

You can make numerous settings to tailor the overview pages delivered as standard to suit your own requirements or create your own overview pages.

Implementation Considerations

You can implement the Self-Services Homepage with various business packages. For example, the Business Package for Employee Self-Service (mySAP ERP) and the Business Package for Manager Self-Service (mySAP ERP). If you want to implement these business packages, we recommend you use the Self-Services Homepage.


To be able to use the Self-Services Homepage, you require the following components:

     SAP ECC 5.0

     SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 with Support Package 3

If you use the Self-Services Homepage, you must make the necessary settings in the portal and in the backend system (SAP ECC 5.0). You can make the settings required for the backend system (SAP ECC 5.0) using the Implementation Guide (IMG). You can find the IMG activity for the Self-Services Homepage under Cross-Application Components ®Homepage Framework. The documentation on this IMG activity contains further information.


The Self-Services Homepage offers the following functions for adjusting the overview pages to suit your self-service applications or for creating your own overview pages:

     Replace pictogram (graphics) on area group pages and area pages

     Enter long area descriptions

     Creating Customer-Specific Areas with Services

     Hide areas included in the standard system

     Add services to an area included in the standard system

     Hide services included in the standard system

For more information about these functions, see Adjusting Area Group Pages and Area Pages.


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