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Depending on the form class, the dataset contains a number of fields that are in different levels and different DDIC structures; under certain circumstances, they may be difficult to find. SAP therefore recommends you use the following procedures.


The Print Workbench provides you with various options for finding variables in the data hierarchy of the form classes:

        You can display the fields of any node in the hierarchy of an application form and search there.

        In SAPscript, you can display the available variables in text processing.

        In Smart Forms, you can display the variables in the hierarchical display of the complex data structure (ABAP Dictionary).



       1.      You are in the processing/display of an application form. To search for a field in the dataset of the form class hierarchy, open the data overview of the form class in question via Extras Display Form Class Hierarchy.

       2.      On the subsequent processing screen, place the cursor on the form level for which you want to display the related data and choose Edit Display Symbols. In the following dialog box, specify the search term and the search area.

The variables found are displayed. For information about integrating variables in a text, see Inserting Variables in Texts (SAPscript only).

For Smart Forms, you can find additional fields in the ABAP Dictionary. Choose Extras Hierarchy Display.


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