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The form class library is an ABAP/4 program. Each form class has its own library. The name of the program is defined in the attributes of the form class.


A form class library has the following content:

        READ and GET subroutines for the form levels

        READ and FILL subroutines for the 1:1 levels

        Other subroutines

        Area for own data declarations to be transferred to print program

        Generated data declaration area (cannot be changed)

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text For technical reasons - for example in order to be able to ensure a correct syntax check - the form class library has the status of an ABAP/4 (Online) program. However, the program does not contain any functions that you can run.

When you generate a print program, the form class library copies all subprograms into the print program. In addition, the area with its own global data declarations is also copied. The generated data declaration area is not transferred, it is regenerated in the print program.


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