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During creation you have to assign a form class, such as an ABAP program, to a package; the package controls the assignment and the transport. You can change the object catalog entry that arises for the form class later. For each change to a form class, after a transport request the system checks whether there is an entry for the form class in an open transport request.
The referenced subobjects of a form class (form class library, generated DDIC types) are transported via separate transport objects and each have separate package assignments.


Form classes are transported in the correction and transport system using the transport object EFCL.


To transport a form class it must be assigned to a transportable package. If a form class was created locally, that is, in package $TMP, you have to change the package assignment of the form class before the transport.
The system checks whether all referenced subobjects of a form class belong to the same package as the form class itself. If this condition is not fulfilled, the system issues warning messages. If subobjects were referenced in a transportable form class, and these subobjects are assigned to a local package ($*), the system issues corresponding error messages and the form class concerned is not transported.


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