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Printing a List While Creating It Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you print a list while creating it, you receive the best output, since the system formats the list according to the requirements of the printer. The system sets list width and page length according to the print format. This prevents lines from being wider than the print format in use. Page breaks occur at the end of a physical print page.

The program must know the print format before it starts creating the list. The print format is part of the print parameters. Print parameters are set either interactively by the user or from within the program.

You can print a list while creating it in one of the following ways:

        Execute and Print

If your program displays a selection screen, the user can choose Execute + print on the selection screen.

        Printing from Within a Program

You can start print output from within your program using the NEW-PAGE PRINT ON statement.

        Printing Lists of Called Executable Programs (Reports)

You can call an executable program using the SUBMIT... TO SAP-SPOOL statement.

        Printing in background jobs

You can include a report in a background job using the function module JOB_SUBMIT. For further information about background jobs and the function module JOB_SUBMIT, refer to the Structure linkBasis Programming Interfaces (BC-DWB) documentation.


When printing a list while creating it, the system sends each completed page to the spool system and then deletes it. The length of a printed list, therefore, is restricted only by the capacity of the spool system. In contrast to lists for display, the system does not store list levels when printing. Since the entire list you are printing never really exists, you cannot refer to the contents of previous pages.




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