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Scrolling in Lists Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

From within the program, you can scroll through lists vertically and horizontally. To do this, you use the keyword SCROLL. Scrolling from within the program is useful, for example, if you want to scroll to certain pages as a reaction to user input.

Note that you can only use the SCROLL statement for completed lists. If you place this statement before the first output statement of a list, it does not affect this list. If you place it after the first output statement of a list, it affects the entire list, that is, all subsequent output statements as well.

After each SCROLL statement, you can query sy-subrc whether scrolling was successful. sy-subrc is 0 if the system successfully scrolled, and 4 if scrolling was not possible, because it would exceed the list boundaries. If you are working with several list levels, sy-subrc may also be 8, indicating that the list level you specified does not exist (see Scrolling Through Interactive Lists ).

The SCROLL statement allows you to do the following:

Vertical Scrolling

Scrolling Window by Window

Scrolling by Page

Horizontal Scrolling

Scrolling to the List's Margins

Scrolling by Column



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