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Displaying Symbols and Icons on the List Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can output symbols or R/3 icons on a list by using the following syntax:


WRITE symbolname AS SYMBOL.

WRITE ikonenname   AS ICON.

The names of symbols and icons symbolname and ikonenname are system-defined constants that are specified in the INCLUDEprograms <SYMBOL> and <ICON> (the angle brackets are part of the name). The includes also contain a short description of the symbols and icons. The easiest way to output symbols and icons is to use a statement structure (see the example in Using WRITE via a Statement Structure).

To make symbols and icons available to your program, you must import the appropriate INCLUDE program or the more comprehensive INCLUDE program <LIST> into your program. For further information about importing INCLUDEprograms, see Using Include Programs.


INCLUDE <symbol>.

INCLUDE <icon>.

WRITE: /  'Phone Symbol:', sym_phone AS SYMBOL.


WRITE: /  'Alarm Icon:   ', icon_alarm AS ICON.

This produces the following output:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You can replace both the above INCLUDE statements with one single INCLUDE statement:

INCLUDE <list>.



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