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Calling Executable Programs Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can call executable programs from other ABAP programs using the following statement:

SUBMIT prog|(field) [AND RETURN] [options].

You can either specify the name of the program you want to call statically by entering the program name in the code of the calling program, or dynamically by specifying the name of a field (in parentheses) containing the name of the program. If the system cannot find the specified executable program when trying to execute the SUBMIT statement, a runtime error occurs.

If you omit the AND RETURN addition, all data and list levels of the calling program (the entire internal session) are deleted. After the called executable program has finished, control returns to the level from which you started the calling program.

If you use AND RETURN, the system stores the data of the calling executable program and returns to the calling after processing the called program. The system resumes executing the calling program at the statement following the call.

The SUBMIT statement has a set of additions options for passing data to the called program and specifying various other processing options. Some of them are described in the following sections:

Filling the Selection Screen of a Called Program

Affecting Lists in Called Programs

Program Statements for Exiting a Called Program



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