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Using Contexts Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Caution Contexts are obsolete and should not be used. Contexts were introduced for Release 4.0 for high performance access to frequently required data. Since the introduction of ABAP Objects for Release 4.5, contexts have not been developed further. Since Release 6.40, contexts can be replaced by Structure linkshared objects.


Contexts are objects within the ABAP Workbench that enable you to store details about the relationships between data. You use them in your ABAP programs to derive data which is dependent on a small number of key fields.

Contexts allow you to

        store processing logic from application programs in context programs, reducing the complexity of the application.

        make better use of recurring logic.

        use buffering to improve system performance.


What is a Context?

The Context Builder in the ABAP Workbench

Using Contexts in ABAP-Programs

Hints for Working with Contexts





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