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Process documentation Setting Up and Maintaining ESS Users Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


For employees to be able to use the Employee Self-Service applications, they must be linked with a user. Each of the users has to be linked with a role.

The role provides your employees with the system authorizations they require. The authorizations ensure that employees can execute the following functions:

     Access the Employee Self-Service applications.

     Display data

     Maintain their own data

You have the Employee Self-Service composite role (SAP_EMPLOYEE_ERP) in the role maintenance transaction (PFCG) in your back-end system. The composite role contains all international and country-specific single roles provided for Employee Self-Service.

The necessary single roles are located in all other participating (non-HR) systems, for example, Business-to-Business Procurement. See the role documentation in the SAP Library to find out which single roles this includes.


     You are familiar with the Structure linkrole concept.

     You have copied the role SAP_EMPLOYEE_ERP and changed it to fit your requirements if necessary. You work on your copy.

For more information, see the role documentation in the SAP Library.

Process Flow


From the HR system, perform the following steps using the HRUSER transaction:

       1.      Select the required composite role (copy) and enter the required attributes.

For more information, see Defining User Attributes.

       2.      Select the employees to whom you want to assign authorizations for Employee Self-Service applications.

For more information, see Selecting Employees.

       3.      If required, create users for the employees to whom you want to assign authorization for the Employee Self-Services applications. Assign also the corresponding composite role.

For more information, see Creating and Authorizing Users for ESS.


You can access the HRUSER transaction in the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Personnel Management ® Employee Self-Service (ITS Version) ® General Settings for ESS ® Create SAP Users for ESS.


     Each employee is linked to a user via the Communication infotype (0105).

     Your employees have all authorizations required to use Employee Self-Service. The authorizations are stored in the components in the back-end system, for example, the HR system.

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