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You maintain the system settings for the print action records in the IMG under Print Workbench Print Action Records.



Choose Define Flyer/Standard Texts for Print Action Records and maintain the standard texts and flyers that can be selected for the print action records. The standard texts that you define here must be maintained using transaction SO10 (standard text maintenance). If texts or flyers that you set in the creation reports in the print action records are not defined here, this can lead to errors in maintaining the print action records. If you use a text that has not been entered in this table in a print action record, it is also not displayed by the above-mentioned transactions and when you save the print action record, it is deleted from the record completely.

Choose Define Links between Object Types and Form Classes and define the supported combinations of form class and BOR object types for the print action records. When delivered, this Customizing table already contains the combinations found in the form classes delivered. If you need additional combinations, you can enter these here. If you want to incorporate print action records in an application form yourself, you have to make an entry for the combination BOR object/ form class here.


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