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From the BOM for a material you can create the composition of a specification that is assigned to the material in the SAP component Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S).

If an item in the BOM is changed, generating the specification composition from the BOM guarantees that the system changes the composition of the specification accordingly. As the system checks the following when it creates the worklist, the subsequent shipping of material safety data sheets for the specifications affected is thus guaranteed if Customizing is set up correctly:

        The system checks whether a changed specification is used in other specifications.

        The system checks whether a report exists for this specification.

        The system checks whether the specification change is included in the report.


You create materials in the SAP component Materials Management.

You can create bills of material, for example, in the SAP component Production Planning. To do this, in the SAP menu choose Logistics Production Master Data Bills of Material Bill of Material Material BOM Create.

Bill of material transfer includes:

        Customizable selection of BOMs and BOM items to be transferred

        Conversion of units of measurement

You can adapt the conversions to your requirements using a customer exit in Customizing for Product Safety.

        Manual or automatic BOM transfer

        Creating and changing a specification and its composition

A customer exit is available in Customizing for Product Safety for the entry of your own data (such as your own dialog box, data from material).

        Automatic data generation by the EH&S Expert

A customer exit is available in Customizing for Product Safety for the link to the EH&S Expert.

        BOM transfer log


        In Customizing for Product Safety you have edited the IMG section Bill of Material Transfer and fulfilled the prerequisites defined there.

        The specifications involved (of the category Substance) do not react with each other.

        The BOM items must be assigned to exactly one specification in material-specification assignment in the SAP component EH&S.

        The units of measurement for the BOM items must be specified in the same dimension (weight or volume).


Only the first item level of the BOM is taken into account. The BOM of a material specified in the item is not therefore exploded.

Process Flow

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The BOM is transferred as follows:

1. Process in the SAP Component Production Planning

BOM posting

When you save a BOM, the SAP system checks whether the BOM is to be included in the worklist.

You define the check criteria for the material and for the BOM header data in Customizing for Product Safety.

Data transfer to EH&S

The selected BOM is placed in the worklist for the Product Safety component together with the BOM items.

2. Process in the SAP Component Product Safety

Edit worklist

In Customizing for Product Safety you can use the environment parameter BOMBOS_WL_DIALOG to decide whether the composition is generated automatically for the BOMs or whether the worklist for the BOMs must be edited manually:

        Automatic editing

With automatic editing, the display of the worklist is skipped.

        If a material-specification assignment exists, the composition for the corresponding specification is generated.

        If no material-specification assignment exists, the SAP system creates a new specification and takes the key for it from the internal number range interval.

If a number of specifications are to be assigned to the material, an error entry is made in the log.

        Manual editing

With manual editing, the BOMs are displayed in the worklist. You decide yourself whether a composition should be generated

        If a material-specification assignment exists, the SAP system assigns the specification key to the BOM.

        If no material-specification assignment exists, you can assign a specification manually. Otherwise, the SAP system creates a specification during generation.

From the worklist, the following functions are available:

        Triggering generation of the composition from the BOM

        Deleting an entry in the worklist

        Displaying the log

        Resetting an error entry


If a number of specifications are to be assigned to the material, the data record is marked as containing an error. If you reset the error, you can then manually assign a specification or allow the system to create a new specification.


Generating the composition

If generating a composition is triggered, the SAP system checks:

        Which BOM items are transferred to the worklist

You define the check criteria for the material data and for the BOM item data in Customizing for Product Safety.


You can specify that BOM items containing the packaging for the material are not transferred to the composition of the specification.

        Whether a specification must be created, an existing specification changed, or no data changes made

Calculating quantities

The quantities are calculated from the BOM items. Concentrations of the same materials are added together.

More than one of the same BOM items are grouped together and the required quantities totaled.

Creating a specification

Header data

For the system to be able to create a specification, you must have specified the following values for the new specification in Customizing for Product Safety in the environment parameters:

        Specification type

        Authorization group

        Data provider

        Data origin


Using the environment parameters you can also control the following values:

        Value assignment type of the composition

        Value assignment usage

        Component type


The material short text and the BOM key (material number-plant-usage-alternative) are transferred to the new specification as identifiers.

The material short text is created in the logon language, regardless of whether the indicator for language dependency is set for the material name identifier.


You can create additional identifiers for the other languages using the IMG activity Develop Enhancement for Entering Customer-Specific Data (customer exit C1L30002).

Material assignment

The material is created in the material-specification assignment.

Changing a specification

Header data

The header data for the specification is not changed.


The system uses the data provider, the data origin, and the usage to check whether the composition has changed and transfers the changes as necessary for the first data record found.


The system uses the identification type, identification category, and language to check whether the identifiers have changed and transfers the changes as necessary.

Material assignment

If the material-specification assignment does not exist, it is created.


The process is logged so that you can track any errors that occur and correct them as necessary.

EH&S Expert

You can set up the system so that the EH&S Expert is started automatically after the composition was generated. This means value assignments can be created that can be derived from the composition.



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