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SAP System customizing is based on two user roles: project team member and project administrator. Each role has specific areas of responsibility. This structures and organizes SAP implementation activities. Areas of responsibility:

·        Execute Project

The project team member makes system settings in Customizing projects, and documents the SAP implementation procedures using status maintenance and project documentation.

To do this, he or she performs project functions.

·        Project Administration

The project administrator organizes customizing. The project administration responsibilities are:

¡        Create customizing projects and project views

¡        Define project scope

¡        Specify project start and end

¡        Assign team members to the project

¡        Define project language

¡        Define status

¡        Define documentation types

In Project Administration.

Go to Project Administration with Tools ® Customizing ® IMG ® Project Administration.

All existing projects are displayed in the project overview.


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